3 simple tips for creating self-care habits

1. Make it easy. 

Set yourself up so that you’re ready, this way you will be more motivated to do it. It will also act as a useful reminder. Here are a few ideas to get you going: get out your face masks, set out your gym kit, roll out your mat ready the night before, find out which yoga class that you’re going to do, set up your skin care, prep your meals or sign up to a class.

2. Schedule it in.

Write it down in your to do list. This may sound silly to some, but I always add my self-care to my to do list. I find it really helps me to first remember, and then ensure I set time aside to do it – even on those hectic days.

3. Put yourself first.

You have to take your time early. These days there will always be the next work commitment or family engagement and often your self-care time is the first thing to be scratched when time gets tight. So, take the time for yourself first to ensure its in your day. It will probably increase your productivity anyway!

Oliver Burkeman’s book, 4000 Weeks, has some excellent tips and some thought-provoking insights about time management. When I read it, I couldn’t help but think how true a lot of it was. I’ll finish with a short parable from the book which I think illustrates the point quite well:

A successful and wealthy businessman takes a well-earned break in his busy work life to go on holiday to Mexico. On a beach he encounters a fisherman relaxing in the sun, drinking wine and listening to music with his friends. They start talking and the businessman tries to proffer some advice to the fisherman. ‘You know, if you worked a bit harder you could catch more fish, then you could buy another boat and employ some people to help you. After a while, you’ll have a successful business with many employees, and you’ll make lots of money. Then you’ll be able to retire and relax.’ To which the fisherman asks, ‘and then what would I do?’ ‘Well then you could sit in the sun, listen to music and drink wine with your friends.’

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